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Postbox Solutions offer a wide range of mailboxes, letterboxes and postbox security items for both internal and external use. In addition to our comprehensive range of domestic mailboxes, we also offer a complete commercial letterbox solution for residential or business use and a secure lockable mailbox for all types of installation. We provide mailboxes manufactured using industrial streng stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

If you have any questions at all, need a bit of advice or can’t find exactly what you’re looking then simply email us at or call us on 01639 633525.

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Our post box range features the best of European mail box manufacturers and our multi-unit mail delivery solutions ensure that the post man need no longer deliver to every door.

Postbox Solutions offer a wide range of mailboxes and they include freestanding postboxes, wall mounted post boxes and wall recessed letterboxes we also offer mailboxes for door sides and through the wall letter box solutions including mail chutes. We now have an Express postbox range for time critical situations, these postboxes are available from our stock on a 48hr lead time.

All of these postboxes are suitable for flats, apartments & universities and offer individual letterboxes and multiple mailbox units

Postbox Solutions have the experience to assist with your choice of mailbox and offer a free quotation and drawing service - the complete bespoke solution for all your letter box needs. From a single post box unit to a complete post room, whether you are developing property, designing or specifying, we have a mail box solution designed for you. Even when letterboxes are a last minute decision Postbox Solutions will be happy to assist.

Please look through the range of mail boxes displayed here and call us for a more detailed quotation or further information. Call us now on 01639 633525 or email

Postbox Solutions

When choosing a post box or letterbox you should consider the capacity. Despite promises of a paperless environment, we have more mail than ever these days. Postbox Solutions mark their boxes in litres so that you can easily compare sizes. Consider the type of mail you receive, is it mostly A4/C4 size? Again the letter slot sizes are shown on the site so that you can make sure that regular packages fit. In most cases, the larger a mailbox, the more secure it is. The most common issue with smaller mailboxes is stolen mail "fished" from the mail slot. A large drop is far more effective at prevention than any anti-theft device.


There are many different styles of letterbox to choose from. However it need not be daunting, simply follow these guidelines:

  • Fence Mount Postboxes If you are mounting to the inside of a fence or gate then choose a fence mount. These post boxes have a mail slot at the rear allowing you to mount on the inside and cut an oversize hole to allow access for the postman.
  • Door Mount Post Boxes If you wish to install/keep a letter plate to the front of a door (or gate / fence) then a door mount mail box is just the job. They are rear collection and simply have an open aperture rather than a mailslot.
  • Anti-Arson Postbox If you need to protect yourself against arson attacks, than an anti-arson letterbox is the solution. We would recommend you read our notes on anti-arson mailboxes.
  • Weatherproof Post Box All our mailboxes are protected against rust. However if you want protection against coastal environments, a high quality plastic mailbox or letterbox should be used. Do not use stainless steel, even the most expensive stainless steel mailbox or letterbox will eventually discolour in a harsh coastal environment.
  • Top loader Post Boxes With mail inserted through the top of the box, these boxes generally accept newspapers and larger items more easily than front loaders. However, as it is physically easier to steal mail from a top loader, many letterboxes feature a smaller mail slot as a result.
  • Front Loader Postboxes The most popular type of letter box. Post is inserted through the front and allowed to fall. They are usually more physically secure than top loaders. Ideal if there is no headroom above the mailbox site. Some front loading letterboxes have straight sides and are suitable for side by side mounting for flats etc.
  • Parcel Postboxes The need for parcelboxes is a new phenomenon that has been created by our ever changing lifestyles and the modern world. Homes and businesses in the UK have traditionally installed either a letter-plate in their front door or alternatively they have fixed a home-made post/parcel box to their building or home. Things started to change following the end of the war in 1945, Europe were now our allies and so began the introduction of mailboxes from Europe into the UK, many of these mail boxes came from Germany where many small businesses had been producing letterboxes and many other metal products for the European market before the war, these included Renz. Postboxes in the UK were first installed into flats and cluster homes of all types, in fact any housing complex that utilized a designated area for mail or post could use one of the new mailbox banks of post boxes. Throughout the rest of the 20th century postboxes continued to grow in popularity and soon individual post boxes for single houses were being imported and sold throughout the UK via shops and Architectural Ironmongers. Postboxes were now offering far more security than a standard slot in a front door and were fast becoming the preferred method of installation of many of the UK’s house builders and developers. More recently our interest has become more focussed on parcels & parcelboxes, more and more people are out at work all day and so not available to receive parcels and many of us are now shopping on-line which has further exacerbated the problem. The solutions is to install a parcel postbox, these are now available in many different forms and range in size from something not much bigger than a shoebox up to a full size “night-safe” parcelbox or parcelmate® Parcelboxes are starting to become a range of postal boxes all of their own, the very basic type of postalbox will receive a small Amazon type package and the very largest will now receive 2 x cases of wine. The technology in these boxes is varied and starts with a basic open lid with a lock that has to be fastened by the deliver agent or courier this has progressed on to a “slam lock” which enables the door to be kept shut with a “T” handle (see parcelmate®)utilised to open it, once the parcel has been left inside the box the door is closed, the handled turned and the centre of the handle is then pushed which in turn locks the box – this will then stay locked until the owner returns home with a key. There are now company’s who specialise in parcel boxes and sell specific parcel postboxes that will receive parcels while you are out, indeed some of these parcel post boxes will offer the delivery agent a barcode which can be scanned for a proof of delivery. One range of parcelboxes that we would recommend is the parcel mate range of parcel boxes, parcelmate® boxes offer parcelpost boxes with varies different designs and functions.
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