Postbox Solutions

Selecting a Postbox

Start by deciding which type of postbox you need. Consider the following:


Choose the largest capacity you can afford. Despite promises of a paperless environment, we have more mail than ever these days. Postbox Solutions mark their boxes in litres so that you can easily compare sizes. Consider the type of mail you receive, is it mostly A4/C4 size? Again the mail slot sizes are shown on the site so that you can make sure that regular package fits.

In most cases, the larger a mailbox, the more secure it is. The most common issue with smaller mailboxes is stolen mail "fished" from the mail slot. A large drop is far more effective at prevention than any anti-theft device.


There are many different styles to choose from. However it need not be daunting, simply follow these guidelines:

Fence Mount ~ If you are mounting to the inside of a fence or gate then choose a fence mount. These postboxes have a mail slot at the rear allowing you to mount on the inside and cut an oversize hole to allow access for the postman.

Door Mount ~ If you wish to install/keep a letter plate to the front of a door (or gate / fence) then a door mount mailbox is just the job. They are rear collection and simply have an open aperture rather than a mail slot.

Anti-Arson ~ If you need to protect yourself against arson attacks, than an anti-arson letterbox is the solution. We would recommend you read our notes on anti-arson mailboxes.

Weatherproof ~ All our mailboxes are protected against rust. However if you want protection against coastal environments, a high quality plastic mailbox is the order of the day. Do not use stainless steel, even the most expensive stainless steel mailbox will eventually discolour in a harsh coastal environment.

Top loader ~ With mail inserted through the top of the box, these boxes generally accept newspapers and larger items easier than front loaders. However as it is physically easier to steal mail from a top loader, many postboxes feature a smaller mail slot as a result.

Front Loader ~ The most popular type of letterbox. Post is inserted through the front and allowed to fall. They are usually more physically secure than top loaders. Ideal if there is no headroom above the mailbox site. Some front loaders have straight sides (e.g.: bologne) and are suitable for side by side mounting for flats etc.